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Resilency Thinking-Final Blog

Throughout the semester, we’ve studied many different global environmental problems.  From Southern California, to the Great Barrier Reef, to the Aral Sea and back home to West Virginia, these problems are everywhere.  So what do all of these places have in common? Human Destruction.  From the beginning, as we saw on Easter Island, humans lived successfully until […]

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Radical Environmental Activism- Extra Credit

I attended the Activist Panal and discussion session on Friday, with Katherine, John Wade and John Chelen.  I thought it was extremely interesting how they all had totally different approaches towards environmental activism.  It really struck me when a guy from the audience raised his hand and asked John Chelen, “how do I get the “truth” out about an issue?”  Mr. Chelen said […]

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Nestle Water

After watching “Tapped”, I went to the Nestle Water website and started reading.  I found myself either laughing or frustrated at some of the things they promised. This is found under the section “Local Water Management”: “We are committed to respecting the interests of our neighbours and the communities where we do business. We also believe […]

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“Jewels of the Caribbean Crown”

According to Walker and Salt, “Coral Reefs are the jewels of the Caribbean Crown”.  Coral reefs protect the shoreline, create sand, provide food and is apart of a thriving tourism industry, yet it is the people who are killing them.  One-third of the reefs are threatened by coastal development, sewage discharge, urban runoff, construction and tourist development.  […]

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Chipotle, It’s What’s for dinner!

After watching “Food, Inc.”, and learning all the horrors of industrial agriculture, I want to focus on a restaurant that is making a difference.  Chipotle was founded by Steve Ells in 1993, near the University of Denver.  Steve was an aspiring chef, who had recently graduated from culinary school.  He wanted to produced “Food with Integrity”.  […]

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Mountain Top Removal

Mountain Top Removal, sometimes refered to as “stripmining on steroids” is the extreme process of blowing off the top of a mountain to get to coal in a fast, efficient way.  In the meantime, the debris is being blown in the valleys and destroying and contaminating rivers, causing environmental problems and health problems for the people living […]

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Whale Wars- Extra Credit

Whale Wars is a television show about a group, the Sea Shepherds, who venture in the incredibly, dangerous waters of Antartica to stop the Japanese from killing whales.  The Japanese claim that they are doing research on the whales, but in reality they are killing and selling the whale meat for thousands of dollars.  Paul Watson […]

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Madagascar, Home of the Lemurs

Madagascar is a rainforest off the coast of Africa, about the size of Texas.  It’s home to thousands of species of animals, and 70% of those animals are only found on Madagascar.  The rainforest is experiencing many environmental problems such as, soil erosion, deforestation, desertification and surface water contamination.  These problems are affecting many animal species and causing […]

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Tuvala, South Pacific

Three islands and six atolls, which covers 26 square km make up Tuvala, located in the South Pacific.  Tuvala is the most isolated nation in the world.  The mean annual temperature is 29 degrees celsius and has an average rainfall total of 3,000 mm.  Coconuts and pandanus grow naturally, while bananas, papayas and breadfruit are cultivated.  Fish and tuna […]

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Life without Oil? Katlyn

Jared Diamond’s, “Collapse” discusses many causes of environmental problems in different parts and islands of the world and the factors leading to the collapse of societies.  Chapter three focuses on three islands (Mangareve, Pitcairn and Henderson) that are known as Southeast Polynesia.  Each island had their advantages and disadvantages and managed to survive over many years.  […]

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