Throughout the semester, we’ve studied many different global environmental problems.  From Southern California, to the Great Barrier Reef, to the Aral Sea and back home to West Virginia, these problems are everywhere.  So what do all of these places have in common? Human Destruction.  From the beginning, as we saw on Easter Island, humans lived successfully until the population started to grow and with more people, comes more demands.  The people cut down trees for shelter and heat, which lead to deforestation and soil erosion.  Soil erosion leads to starvation because the soil couldn’t produce crops.  The competition increased and religion came before the environment. There was a major lack of awareness and unity.  These exact problems are happening today.  The population is extremely high and still increasing.  The increasing population is increasing demands such as water, food and natural resources.  The crop yields are decreasing even though we have introduced methods such as genetically motified crops.  Climate change is occuring and biodiversity is decreasing for many reasons that lead back to human existence.  Half of the world’s forests are gone, more than half of the world’s wetlands are drained, a third of the coral reefs are damaged, farmlands are severly damaged and fisheries are decimating.  History is repeating itself!  We must change our way of thinking.  We need to promote this change and help people embrace the change.  We need to acknowledge the slow changes because in the past they always lead to the big changes.  We have to recognize the consquences of our actions before we destroy what part of the Earth we have left.  I believe that we can improve the Earth if everyone is on the same page and works together.  I truly believe that awareness is the key.  I know I’ve become more aware by taking this class and watching videos like “Tapped”.  These issues have to get out to the public! It will make a difference.

Taking Global Environmental Problems has really been an “eye-opening” experience.  I’ve always heard about these problems, but I never realized how much our Earth is in danger.  Humans are extremely short-sighted and most of us only think about the present.  But what about our grandchildren or our great grandchildren? Do we want them to have to worry about getting fresh water and food?  I know I don’t!  I’ve also learned things in this class that will help me live a more sustainable life.  I have really tried to cut back on drinking out of plastic bottles.  I always notice things like “We sell antibiotic free meat” or made with organic material (the cream cheese I ate in the Nest has that on the label).  I also think twice about eating beef or fish at a restaurant. I like to tell people about what I’ve learned in the class, especially things like Salmon being fed food with dye in it, so the meat is pink!  People find it hard to believe! If they only watched Food Inc. they would be completely mortified!  I’ve really learned alot and have really enjoyed taking this class!  I will take the information I’ve learned and spread it to others!