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Resilency Thinking-Final Blog

Throughout the semester, we’ve studied many different global environmental problems.  From Southern California, to the Great Barrier Reef, to the Aral Sea and back home to West Virginia, these problems are everywhere.  So what do all of these places have in common? Human Destruction.  From the beginning, as we saw on Easter Island, humans lived successfully until […]

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Radical Environmental Activism- Extra Credit

I attended the Activist Panal and discussion session on Friday, with Katherine, John Wade and John Chelen.  I thought it was extremely interesting how they all had totally different approaches towards environmental activism.  It really struck me when a guy from the audience raised his hand and asked John Chelen, “how do I get the “truth” out about an issue?”  Mr. Chelen said […]

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Nestle Water

After watching “Tapped”, I went to the Nestle Water website and started reading.  I found myself either laughing or frustrated at some of the things they promised. This is found under the section “Local Water Management”: “We are committed to respecting the interests of our neighbours and the communities where we do business. We also believe […]

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“Jewels of the Caribbean Crown”

According to Walker and Salt, “Coral Reefs are the jewels of the Caribbean Crown”.  Coral reefs protect the shoreline, create sand, provide food and is apart of a thriving tourism industry, yet it is the people who are killing them.  One-third of the reefs are threatened by coastal development, sewage discharge, urban runoff, construction and tourist development.  […]

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