Whale Wars is a television show about a group, the Sea Shepherds, who venture in the incredibly, dangerous waters of Antartica to stop the Japanese from killing whales.  The Japanese claim that they are doing research on the whales, but in reality they are killing and selling the whale meat for thousands of dollars.  Paul Watson is the captain of the Sea Shepherds and the motivator.  He was fired from Green Peace organization because his ideas were too radical for their liking, so he created his own organization.  The Sea Shepherd’s first, find and chase down the Japanese ships, then they use tactics such as throwing bottles full of Butyric Acid on the ship’s deck, which smells awful and ruins the meat.  They will also throw nets in front of the boat so it will get caught in the propellor or simply have members board the Japanese ship.  Everyone that belongs to Sea Shepherds is willing to die for a whale.  Sea Shepherds will do pretty much anything to slow down the killing of whales.

In the discussion after the video, many people had really interesting opinions or thoughts about the show.  The Japanese are getting away with hunting these whales because they claim they are doing research.  The Japanese don’t really have any recorded studies about the whales, so it’s pretty evident that they are not doing “Research”.  A scientist has to have goals before doing a study and the Japanese present no such things.  I personally think it’s awful that they kill the whales.  As for the whale species, they are not endangered as of right now.  I don’t necessary agree with the way the Sea Shepherds are going about stopping the Japanese, because they are doing immoral things to stop immorals things.  But, I do think that the show is using media to get these problem out to the public.  This way, we can stop the killing before its too late, and before the whales do become endangered.  Overall, I believe that Whale Wars are doing a good thing by showing the world what’s really going on, even if they are doing it in a non-peaceful way!