Madagascar is a rainforest off the coast of Africa, about the size of Texas.  It’s home to thousands of species of animals, and 70% of those animals are only found on Madagascar.  The rainforest is experiencing many environmental problems such as, soil erosion, deforestation, desertification and surface water contamination.  These problems are affecting many animal species and causing them to go endangered.  The rapid human development is taking over the lemur’s habitat, which are cousins of monkeys and apes.  There are many species of Lemurs, ranging in size from 30 grams to 10 kilograms, but they are only found on Madagascar.  Lemurs are known for singing like a whale and moving across sand like a ballet dancer.  Most Lemurs live mainly in trees and eat fruit, nuts and berries from the trees, so deforestation is a huge problem.  Humans are also catching and killing certain species because they are thought to be “bad omens”.  Today, some species are endangered and some are even considered to being almost extinct.

In a National Geography’s video, scientist are studying Lemurs in the Madagascar rainforest and they come across a new species of Lemurs.  It’s sad to think that there are species out there that haven’t been discovered and could go extinct before we can study and learn about them.