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Whale Wars- Extra Credit

Whale Wars is a television show about a group, the Sea Shepherds, who venture in the incredibly, dangerous waters of Antartica to stop the Japanese from killing whales.  The Japanese claim that they are doing research on the whales, but in reality they are killing and selling the whale meat for thousands of dollars.  Paul Watson […]

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Madagascar, Home of the Lemurs

Madagascar is a rainforest off the coast of Africa, about the size of Texas.  It’s home to thousands of species of animals, and 70% of those animals are only found on Madagascar.  The rainforest is experiencing many environmental problems such as, soil erosion, deforestation, desertification and surface water contamination.  These problems are affecting many animal species and causing […]

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Tuvala, South Pacific

Three islands and six atolls, which covers 26 square km make up Tuvala, located in the South Pacific.  Tuvala is the most isolated nation in the world.  The mean annual temperature is 29 degrees celsius and has an average rainfall total of 3,000 mm.  Coconuts and pandanus grow naturally, while bananas, papayas and breadfruit are cultivated.  Fish and tuna […]

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